Story Of How I Lost My Wife To Our Dry Cleaner And What I Did That Made Me Got Her Back After


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About a year ago, I was very sick to the head!


My Manhood was small and Could not last longer in bed (releases before entry at times, 10 seconds after entry)!

couldn't  satisfy my spouse either...  , .

.....and to her knowing this can erupt stress on the relationship.-shameful and frustrating.

She Kept on complaining.

I tried as much possible to look for soulution

I bought many drugs

The Didn't work


I tried the START AND STOP Method,

It was so boring that

Lets talk about the 3 things to do to help boost your erection starting from today.

1) Add More Fruits And Vegetables To Your Diet

Most men ignore this because of the fast-paced cities that we live in.

But truth is, eating more vegetables and fruits help to renew your body system. It also makes your erection stronger and will increase blood flow to the penis naturally.

Try to eat much of vegetables meals like bitterleaf soup, vegetable soup, efo riro, egusi soup etc.

Also eat more fruits. The water in these fruits helps boost your sex drive and you will be able to maintain a better a harder erection.


2) Do Simple 5minutes Exercises 2 times weekly

Most men do not like this but truth is, simple exercises will help you get stronger erections naturally.

I understand the city life, go to work very early in the morning and return at night driving to and fro in a factory-fitted air conditioned car. But once in a while, try to make out time for simple 5minutes exercises.

I'm talking about exercises like squat, bench presses, skipping, jogging etc.

These exercises are easy to do, and they give you a stronger heart that enhances your erections.

3) Use Health Supplements That Boost Your Testerone

One of the natural ways you can quickly start getting better erections is by using supplements that boost testerone in men. Increased testerone will lead to higher sex drive, improved energy, alpha male features, and more frequent erections.

You see, another thing increased testerone does for you is to increase your manhood size and make it look bigger and matured like that of a real man.

BONUS TIP - Do Penile Massages that Helps Increase Your Manhood Size

One of the very simple ways to stop your manhood from shrinking or reducing in size, and also increase it permanently is to do penile massages.

Penile massages have more than one benefits, and all of them will help you to have a better sex life, and will prevent you from penis shrinkage.

Here you have some of these benefits:

1) It helps stretch the tissues of the penis, which contributes to manhood enlargement.

2) Penis massage can also increase the blood flow to the manhood, which also promotes length gain and better erections.

3) Provides relief from stress and over fatigue

4) Prevents penis from shortening

5) keeps your manhood in good shape and health

To do penile massages properly, I recommend you use the japanese made enlargement oil that have helped over 2,000 Nigerian men to add extra inches to their penis within a short period of time.

Truth is, I was once like you... married to my beautiful, loving wife but was unable to satisfy her in bed. The problem is I had weak erections, a very small manhood and also chronic premature ejaculation.

Most times, my wife get frustrated about my poor sexual performance to the extent that she almost packed out of the house.

At one time, she stopped cooking for me. Bottomline is, there was no peace in our marriage.

For over 7years in marriage, I was unable to last more than 40seconds in bed and hardly get erections before sex.

To be honest, deep down inside me I knew I was not fit to be called a man...

- a man that has small manhood that cannot penetrate his wife properly

- a man that cannot get erect before sex and sometimes he even release his semen during foreplay

- a man that cannot last up to 3minutes during sex and everytime he is always blaming his work, stress and age

You see, my poor sexual performance led to quarrels in my home every week and my marriage became sexless for years.

My wife was already frustrated and threatened to pack out of our home. So I begged her and promise to look for solution to my problems.

Back then I tried several things like viagra, vega-100, drinking herbs, bitters and local concotions, just so I could last longer in bed.

But these things only had a temporary effect, and even worse they had side effect to my health. So the situation got worse and it even made my manhood become smaller in size.

But the whole story changed when I came in contact with a family friend who is also a men health specialist that recommended 2 natural remedy that gave me a permanent solution.

The first thing he recommended for me was a Japanese made enlargement oil that helped me increase my manhood size within 2weeks.

Within the first 2 weeks of using it, I was surprised at the results I got.

I noticed that my small penis which was 3.2inches before has increased to 5.9inches... in just 2 weeks!


Here Comes The Solution



Only MK oil cost N10,000 and

Only Stud 100 Spray cost N12,000


But the two goes for N17,500





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